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Play Therapy

Play Therapy is an effective, expressive therapy which enables a child to enter into a dynamic relationship with the therapist that enables them to express, explore and make sense of their difficult feelings and events that are hard to express verbally. 

For children it can be difficult to articulate what is wrong, or express their feelings through words. 

Play Therapy is a non-directive and child centered form of therapy which helps children find healthier ways of communicating, develop fulfilling relationships, increase resiliency and facilitate emotional literacy through the use of different creative tools such as therapeutic Play, Sandplay, Art, Music, Drama, Dance Movement, Meditation and Storytelling. It allows the child a chance to deal with and ‘play out’ issues in a free and protected space without being judged. 

Why is this work so important?

Many children need support in emotional literacy. Others have behaviour or mental health problems at some stage that prevents them from fulfilling their full potential. Some studies indicate that 20% of children have some form of psychological problem and that 70% of these are helped through the use of psychological based therapies such as play and creative arts. 

Therefore, it is also essential to realise that mental health, like physical health, is as much about prevention as cure. Play Therapy practice is based upon the principles developed by Virginia Axline and there are a number of approaches to play therapy. 

The Play Continuum developed by PTUK shows how different applications of play can deal with a spectrum of children’s emotional, behaviour and mental health problems. 

For a detailed explanation please see our parent site, Play Therapy UK.

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