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The Need for Practitioners of Therapeutic Play

PTI India estimates that there is a latent need in India for Play Therapy and Creative Arts practitioners and therapists. There are probably only a handful of Play Therapists present with the level of expertise and qualification that is required, so there are plenty of potential career opportunities. 

We encourage new entrants to the profession and professionals with existing experience of working therapeutically with adults or others who have experience of working with children to join the growing Play Therapy network in India. 

Play Therapy International- India has adopted pro-tem a Career Development Map and a four stage training model as a part of the Profession Structure Model originally developed by PTUK. These provide considerable flexibility in terms of previous career background and aspirations to cater for as many people as possible wishing to become play therapy practitioners. 

Detailed information regarding training and Play Therapy and as a career are available on our parent site, Play Therapy UK.
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A Career Development Map showing entry to the Play Therapy Profession is also available on the APAC website.
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