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Play Therapy India

Our site is intended to provide a complete information resource for therapeutic play, play therapy and creative arts therapies.

It is designed for anyone interested in helping children with emotional literacy, behaviour (EBD) or mental health problems including parents, carers, teaching staff, nurses, care workers, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, play therapists, paediatricians, students etc.

About PTI

Play Therapy International is the largest and most progressive organisation governing therapeutic play, and play therapy.

Helping Children

Play Therapy International helps children with emotional, literacy, behaviour and mental health problems.


Membership is available at various grades for anyone interested in working with children using play and creative arts therapies.

Find a Therapist

This is the first register, for Play Therapists, accredited under a Programme set up in 2012 by the Department of Health and administered by an independent body, accountable to Parliament.


How effective is Play Therapy? Look at our research, policies and activies showing between 77% and 84% positive change.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is an essential part of working therapeutically with clients be they adults or children.


We provide our members exclusive resources as well as lists of publications, books reviews, articles and recommended reading.


See our YouTube video channel PlayTherapyTV. Videos include Aspects of Play Therapy, PTI World Congress, PTUK Conferences, and much more…

Training and Certification

Sat 22nd June

Are you interested in training as a Play Therapist, Filial Play Coach or in extending your skills as a counsellor, nurse, occupational therapist, paediatrician, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, social worker or teacher to work with children using therapeutic play?

Affiliated Organisations

These are autonomous organisations representing and governing the use of play therapy and filial play in their own countries. They adopt PTI’s standards for the certification of practitioners and accreditation of training. These organisations also contribute to PTI’s pool of knowledge, research and innovation.

Play Therapy International is the only organisation currently runs courses in India with valid Post Graduate Award for Play Therapy which are delivered in a collaborative partnership with Association of Play and child psychotherapy (APAC).

If you are interested in training to become a Play Therapist with the largest and most progressive organisation governing Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy, please contact our PTI India CEO, Rochelle Rajan ( to find out more information.

Therapeutic play (including play therapy) is a well established discipline, based upon a number of psychological theories.

Research, both qualitative and quantitative shows that it is highly effective in many cases. Recent research by PTUK, an organisation affiliated to PTI, suggests that 71% of the children referred to play therapy will show a positive change.  If you are a parent or carer interested in how play therapy may help your child please visit: How Does Play Therapy Work.

Finding Help

Finding therapeutic help for children with emotional, behaviour and mental health problems can be found by contacting an independent play therapist or practitioner (for which you will have to pay a fee) or by using a therapist whose services are fully or partly funded by local authority children’s, education, social, or health services, a charity or some other agency.

Unifying Body

To act as a support and unifying body for affiliated play therapy professional organisations in a number of countries.

Professional Support

To provide professional support for play therapy practitioners in countries which do not have an organisation affiliated to PTI.

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